The beginnings of the Club can be traced back to 1939, when a team was formed to play in the local leagues, but this was abandoned due to the outbreak of the Second World War. The Amanzimtoti Rugby Club was officially founded in 1946 when a team was entered into the Durban Rugby Sub-Union (DRSU) leagues, making the club 75 years old in 2021. Hutchison Park has been the club’s headquarters since inception.

In 1972 the club entered its first U/20 team into the league. In 1974 the very successful mini rugby program was started up. Through the years, a number of 1st Team players started their rugby at under 6 level at the club and progressed through the various age groups.

2nd Division, 1974 – 1993

Toti was promoted to the 2nd division after beating Durban Wanderers in a playoff match.

1st Division, 1994 – 2014

With the expansion of the 1st Division in 1994, the top five 2nd Division teams, including Toti, gained automatic promotion into this division.

In 1996, the Premier Division was established and only the top eight teams were promoted; however Toti was to remain in the 1st Division until the 2014 season.

The coveted 1st Division Title was finally won in 2013 with a victory over Newcastle Highlanders. Toti earned the right to challenge for Premier Division status, but it was decided that another year in the 1st Division would stand the club in good stead. Toti were once again crowned 1st Division champions in 2014, and the prestigious Dewar shield was awarded to the club for a second successive year. This time the decision was taken to challenge for Premier Division status.

Premier Division, 2014 – present

After a hard-fought promotion/relegation match against Durban Harlequins, Toti was duly promoted to the top tier of KZN Rugby for the 2014 season. Since then, a number of Toti players have played representative rugby for the DRSU as well the KZN Wildebeest and have represented their club with pride. We were also proud to have had several our players representing the Sharks Club 15 team.

Amanzimtoti Rugby Club has been making a name for themselves in the KwaZulu-Natal Rugby Union Premier Division (Moor Cup). We have won “big” games in the Premier Division.

End of season log positions since 2014:

  • 2014 – 5th place, won the coveted Castle Murray Cup trophy and won the B Division of the Flya Tournament
  • 2015 – 4th place and won the B Division of the Flya Tournament
  • 2016 & 2017 – 3rd place and won the A Division of the 2016 Flya Tournament
  • 2018 – 5th place

Special Games

Amanzimtoti Rugby Club successfully hosted the opening day of the Moor Cup and a Sharks Club 15 match. These are all honours bestowed upon us because of our large support base and determination to succeed in whatever we set our minds to.

Jos Robson aptly nicknamed the club “The South Coast Terriers”  due to our tenacity and courage on the playing field.

Heart of the Terriers

You can now discover a comprehensive account of our 75 year history in our newly published anniversary book, “The Heart of the Terriers”, with heart-warming and entertaining accounts of players and Club members over the years and the vision of the Club going forward.

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